Copaiba has a long history of ethno-botanical medical use worldwide. In the Amazonian rain forest and throughout Brazil Copaiba has been used extensively for centuries to address many conditions such as UTI’s, inflammation, syphyllis, psoriasis, skin ulcers, excessive mucous, incontinence, as a diuretic and as a disinfectant.  Copaiba has been employed in Europe more recently with some success for treatments involving a variety of geno-urinary problems including bladder infection, vaginal discharge & gonorrhea. There’s been some really promising research and development done with Copaiba recently in regards to addressing malignant melanoma. We’ll keep watching that. I love Copaiba for it’s emollience in skin care & it’s subtle balsamic ambery fragrance and fixative abilities in fragrance creations.



Copaiba – (Copaifera langsdorfii)~balsam Origin: S. America –traditional Method: Steam distilled Properties: anti-inflammatory-analgesic-anti cancerous-antimicrobial-wound healing. Primary Constituents: Sesquiterpenes Blends with Frankincense, Helichrysum & Myrrh. Uses: Topical

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