Goldenrod is a wonderfully well balanced essential oil. It is especially useful for stimulating the liver, promoting a gentle detoxification of the liver & kidneys that is extremely effective and well tolerated by most people.

At a psycho-emotional healing level, Goldenrod  resonates with the 6th chakra and blends well with Black Spruce and Sandalwood.



Goldenrod : Solidago canadiensis ~leaves

Origin: Canada – c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: Liver stimulant; detoxificatio; eczema; cold sores. Primary Contituents: Monoterpenes (a-pinene, limonene, myrcene) esters (bornyl acetate) Sesquiterpenes (germacene). Blends well with Lemon & Carrot seed. Uses : *Oral and topical. *Recommended dosage: 1 drop to ½ litre of water sipped slowly on empty stomach 2 times per day for 1 week.

*According to Pierre Franchomme and as mentioned in the Swiss Pharmacopia, Goldenrod essential oil supports the circulatory system including cardiovascular problems like tachycardia and arrhythmia, urinary tract and liver function. According to the University of Montreal, Canada, Goldenrod shows great potential in dealing with impotence and BPH.

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