Tobacco Leaf


This Tobacco is thick, dark, rich, sweet, smoky and complex. Definitely a masculine note with an air of mystery and intrigue. An absolute perfumers delight! Use it sparingly as it can easily overwhelm a blend. Allowing it to sit & marry with other oils for several weeks brings out its true nature & fullness of character. Dissolves well in alcohol based perfumes and solid aromatic unguents. Love Tobacco with Rose absolute!



Tobacco Absolute: (Nicotania tabacum) ~leaves Origin: Bulgaria Method: Solvent extracted Properties: Calming aphrodisiac; perfume fixative. Primary Constituents: Phenols, fuajacol, furfurol, ketones, solanesol, trace amounts of nicotine. Blends well with Lavender, Rose, Clary sage, Green Cognac & Vanilla Bourbon.

*Caution: Avoid if pregnant. 

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