Oakmoss Absolute


Oakmoss is collected from the lichen off oak trees grown mostly in France and some Northern European countries. It is one of the most sought after components in perfumery for its undeniable unique scent. Oakmoss absolute is a dark olive, very viscous oil with an extremely tenacious moss/bark/earth aroma  and dry, animal/leather like undertones. Oakmoss lends richness and body to any blend and is a key ingredient to “chypre” type perfumes. Blends really nice with Tobacco, Patchouli, Vetivert, Lime and Bergamot. Rare!



OAKMOSS ABSOLUTE: (Evernia prunastri)~moss Origin: FR – wild craft Method: Solvent extracted Properties: Antiseptic; expectorant; soothing; perfume. Constituents: Over 250 different components. Uses: For external use only. *Caution: Containdicated for pregnancy and epilepsy. Dermal sensitizer. Dilute before use.

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