Thyme P-cymene

Thyme was used medicinally by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Most present day research has centered on Thyme’s ability as an antibacterial and anti-infectious agent, even when diffused in the air. There are several species of thyme oil in use, and although the strongest is red thyme and the gentlest is Linaloöl, their uses are relatively the same. This Wild Thyme variety with paracymene as its key component, displays outstanding anti-infectious qualities without the hot phenol irritants present in the more common red Thyme (thymol) variety. Used in blends as an antiseptic and inhaled as a tonic stimulant and as an effective pain reliever in massage blends. Thyme P-cymene is the perfect balance between hot and light. It is effectively strong yet relatively gentle at the same time. Really stunning for pain relief.

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Wild Thyme Paracymene (Thymus serpyllum) ~ herb Origin: FR wild craft

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