Jewels Tiger


An internal massager with a luxe look

  • Deep vibrations travel the whole shaft
  • Ridges stimulate the vaginal walls or anus
  • Bulbed head for G-spotting or prostate stimulation
  • Flexible shape lets you move freely
  • Rare, limited-edition Emerald colour

TIGER’s powerful, bass-tone vibrations travel from the handle to the tip, so you get more stimulation from every inch. Every time you thrust the toy, those perfectly spaced stripes will ripple inside you, awakening nerve endings and unlocking pleasure. This toy is especially user-friendly, with a looped handle and raised buttons that you can use in any position, even with slippery lube hands!

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  • Big: impressive, rechargeable vibrator
  • Strong: optimized distribution of vibrations throughout the entire shaft
  • Flexible: soft and pliable shaft made of stable silicone for a pleasant focus on all the erogenous hot spots and for a variety of positions for any body
  • Powerful: 12 deep frequency, yet quiet vibration programs
  • Powerful structuring on the shaft for intense stimulation during insertion
  • The curved tip intensely stimulates the g-spot and prostate
  • The wide toy base pleasures the clitoris or perineum and makes TIGER safe for anal games
  • A safe hold and intuitive functionality in one: PRESS FUN TO PLAY with LOOP!
  • Hand crafted in Germany with LOVE!