The Rhododendron which we all so dearly love here in the west, is actually native to the Himalayas. It grows at an altitude of 3,000 –4,000 ft. above sea level and is harvested in several regions of Nepal. In fact, this plant is a national symbol in Nepal and is widely used in Tibetan Traditional Medicine. The leaves and flowers are used as tea by Himalayan healers to promote digestive heat, stimulate appetite relieve liver disorders, lung problems, sore throats and common colds. Anthopogon (as it’s commonly referred to in Nepal) has been collected and gathered by high Himalayan peoples for centuries as a sacred aromatic substance to be burnt as an offering to please and harmonize the Divine Earth Spirits. It is one five common Himalayan incense herbs symbolizing the elements that are offered to sanctify and pacify the environment. The essential oil of Rhododendren has a pleasant sweet- herbal- balsamic aroma the can be used on the hair and skin and as a natural perfume. According to Himalayan aromatherapy, this oil stimulates the nervous system and has been used for treating sore muscles and gouty rheumatic conditions. It is grounding, centering and calming.



Rhododendron- (Rhododendron anthopogon)~leaf & flower 
 Origin: NEP Method: Steam Distilled- w/c.

Properties: Anti-fungal; anti inflammative; anti-microbial; anti-proliferative. Primary Constituents:Monoterpene hydrocarbons 76% (α–Pinene; β-Pinene; limonene) *Promising essential oil for its cytotoxic effect on three human adenocarcinoma cell lines: ovaries, cervix and colon. *Ref. Molecules 2010 Chemical Composition and Biological Properties of Rhododendron anthopogon Essential Oil.

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15ml, 5ml