Magnolia Flower


A very interesting oil indeed that must be experienced to believe. The scent is very complex and seems to unfold in layers. It has a cool- aqueous, oily-green, floral-melon aroma with delicate, sweet tea-like notes and undertones of clary sage, violet and rose. It is sweet, sensuous and powerful. A little goes a long way. Exceptional!



Magnolia Flower (michelia x alba) ~flowers ORIGIN: CHI Method: Steam distilled from cultivated flowers. Properties: Calming; anticarcinogenic; aphrodisiac. Primary Constiuents: Alcohols 75% (linalool) *The flowers are used in TCM to prepare yulan tea which is consumed to help move qi and relieve coughs. **Please note the 10% dilution is prepared in fractionated coconut oil offered in 5 ml bottles. All others are 100% pure essential oil.

Blend well with Neroli, Ylang-ylang, Rose and Lavender.

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10%, 2 ml, 5ml