Peppermint ~ USA (high menthol)


A good Peppermint essential oil for those looking for a super cool high menthol content in their oil. The aroma is strong, fresh, sweet & minty. Good for headaches, mental fatigue, to boost energy, stay alert and focused and to help cool the body and bring down swelling. Really nice in wake up and focus type blends. Excellent for relieving pain and swelling. Use sparingly and well diluted.


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Peppermint: (Mentha piperita)~herb Origin: USA Method: Conventionally steam distilled from flowering tops. Properties: Cooling; anti inflammatory; stimulating; analgesic. Primary Constituents: Menthol 53%; Menthone 28%. blends well with Bay Laurel, Rosemary and Lavandin Super. *Avoid with small children and in early pregnancy. Contraindicated in cases of cardiac fibrillation (Tisserand). *Not recommended for internal use. *Try our Peppermint European vintage or S.E. Asian Peppermint (mentha piperita) varieties!

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