Blood Orange


There’s something mouth-watering, sexy and alluring about Blood Orange besides it’s lovely juicy sweet, tart aroma. There’s a deep voluptuousness about it that quenches my thirst at so many levels. The uniquely fruity citrus smell, its rich, deep orange colour, the hidden juicy memories it provokes, all conjure up a deeply satisfying feeling of bliss for me with its bright, tart essence. Blood Orange has the ability to aromatically wash away the blues in a heart beat. Definitely one of my favourite citrus oil!



Blood Orange: (Citrus sinensis)~peel Origin: IT Method: Conventional cold expeller pressed peel oil. Properties: Relaxing; Anti depressant; Anti viral. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes Blends well with Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Bergamot and Roman Chamomile.

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100ml, 15ml, 5ml