Hyssop decumbens


An aromatherapy specialty that is extremely powerful yet super gentle and easily used. Unlike the more common Hyssop officinalis, Hyssop var. decumbens has no toxic or irritating ketone pinocamphone content, making it suitable for children and those with more delicate conditions. Kurt Schnaubelt suggests Hyssop decumbens, because of its outstanding antiviral properties and mildness, makes an excellent means for STD prevention when used for genital hygiene and may be used directly on the genital area either diluted or undiluted appropriately. We have found herpes simplex outbreaks of all kinds on delicate areas effectively relieved with the direct application of a drop or two of Hyssop decumbens.

The scent of Hyssop decumbens is fresh, sweet-green, mildly camphorous and very pleasant to the nose. It has an opening, clearing, calming effect when inhaled and is one of the best oils to use for anything to do with the lungs or asthma related conditions.

Hyssop decumbens finds it’s way easily into the kitchen, bathroom, medicine cabinet and for perfume making. It blends with many oils effectively but is a star in it’s own right. A rare and magical bee loving specialty.



Hyssop decumbens: (Hyssopus decumbens)~ leaves Origin: SPA c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties & uses: Antiviral; Sympathotonic; Asthma; Bronchitis; Chronic viral infections; Herpes simplex. Primary Constituents: Alcohols (linalool); Oxides. Blends well with Lavender, Sweet orange, Thyme Linalol, Eucalyptus radiata Tea Tree Rosalina and Ravintsare.


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15ml, 5ml