Larch is a deciduous Canadian conifer. The essential oil produced from its needles is the lightest and softest of the conifers. The aroma is gentle and sweet with a hint of fruit. Larch is reputed to clear energy space and for being conducive for stimulating and enhancing intuitive creativity. Traditionally, aboriginals used Larch against flues and colds, as a laxative, an analgesic and as an expectorant. It was used to disinfectant wounds, for edema, as a renal stimulant and to treat burns . They also used its soft needles to stuff pillows and mattresses. Larch is also known as Tamarack, which translated means “wood for making snowshoes” in Algonquin.



Larch (Tamarack) -Larix laricina ~needles  –Origin: CAN ecocert Steam distilled Properties: anti-infectious decongesting relaxing Primary Constituents: a-pinene, ß-pinene, d-3 carene, bornyle acetate. Blends well with Lavender, Sweet Orange & Pine.

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15ml, 5ml