Cardamom oil is one of the oldest known essential oils in recorded history. Aroma-medicine suggests its use primarily as a digestive tonic, for bronchial problems and for emotional support. The scent of Cardamom is easily one of the most appealingly fragrant and complex of the aromatic seed oils. It is warm, sweet, spicy, balsamic, woody, fruity and floral. A wonderful oil to use in many types of aromatherapy blends, perfumery and for culinary purposes. Cardamom is really a versatile “must” have essential oil that will enhance any aromatic and culinary toolbox.



Cardamon: (Elettaria cardamomum)~fruit Origin: GUA Method: Hydrodiffusion Properties: Spasmolytic -Sluggish digestion -Lack of appetite -Diarrhea -Digestive tonic -Emotional support.  Primary Constituents: Monoterpene esters (Linalyl acetate) 40% Oxides (Cineole) 45%. Blends well with Frankincense, Ginger, Basil, Bitter Orange, Rose and Coriander. Uses : Topically a few drops rubbed on the abdomen or 1-2 drops orally in preferred beverage or appropriate excipient. Gently tonifies digestive tract.

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