Frankincense Sacra ~OM


Sparkling spice notes and a hint of orange with resinous fresh piney green textures and a deliciously sweet amber balsamic dry-out. Yum! Our new batch of Omani Frankincense Sacra is nothing short of breathtaking. Breathe her in and invite a profound, deep journey within. Frankincense helps to awaken and liberate ones True Divine Essence. This oil will calm and centre you to safely let go and transcend with delightful effervescence throughout your body, mind and soul. Stunning!



Frankincense Sacra: (Boswellia sacra)~resin tears Origin: OMAN Method: Ethically harvested & steam distilled. Properties: Anti-asthmatic; helps facilitate deep breathing; strengthens immune response; regenerative; anti inflammatory; anti depressive. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes (α-pinene; limonene); Sesquiterpenes (α-gurjunene; β-caryophyllene). Blends well with Myrrh, Rose, Sweet Orange and Copaiba.

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100ml, 15ml, 5ml