Sacred Myrrh. Myrrh (like Frankincense), comes from trees that have been wounded and bled for their healing resin. Like Frankincense, Myrrh resin has been used ritualistically, spiritually and in medicine for thousands of years throughout history in many cultures. it was said to be used in easing the pain of Jesus on the cross. Tradition Chinese Medicine suggests Myrrh is “blood moving” while Frankincense moves Qi. Myrrh is contraindicated in early pregnancy but invaluable during the birthing process. Many midwives use Myrrh during the birthing process to help soften and stimulate the uterus, prevent infection and help ease the pain of childbirth.

This particular Myrrh is hand collected in Ethiopia and steam distilled. It is light in colour and thick but not too impossibly thick and resinous like our highly prized CO2 extracted Myrrh which can be extremely difficult in using especially for novices. Rest assured, It is much easier to handle.

Myrrh has an affinity for oral care, skin care, the immune system, as a powerful anti inflammatory, in preventing infection and as an anti fungal. It also lends itself well in natural perfume for its deep, balsamic, woody-sweet, slightly smoky aroma. Be aware though, it does not dissolve real well on its own in high aqueous substances. Blends well with Frankincense, Rose and Neroli.


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Myrrh: (Commiphora myrrha)~resin tears Origin: ETH Method: Steam distilled Properties: anti viral; anti-inflammative; anti fungal; analgesic; immunomodulation; wound healing. Primary  Constituents: Sesquiterpenes. Avoid if pregnant. For external use only.

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