Cumin Seed


Cumin seed oil, aka Roman Caraway, is not to be confused with Black Cumin seed oil, both which have been used extensively in Egypt and other parts of the world since antiquity. Cumin seed has a long standing therapeutic history. It displays a significant analgesic effect and is prized for its deeply relaxing abilities, making it a key ingredient for many massage therapists. Aroma-medicine suggests Cumin for problems related to the digestive tract and microbial infection. It helps with headache, nervous exhaustion and irritability.

In perfumery, only trace amounts of Cumin seed is needed as the aroma is quite powerful and diffusive. The scent is typical of Cumin;- kind of spicy, woody, green, fatty and body odorish. It adds a highly interesting effects when used with discretion in perfume blends.



Cumin Seed: (Cuminum cyminum)~ seed Origin: EGY Method: Steam distilled. The main constituent is cumin aldehyde with an aldehyde content which ranges between 35 and 63 percent. It also contains p-cymene, phellandrene, and cuminyl alcohol.

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