Cinnamon Leaf


Cinnamon Leaf essential oil is fragrantly spicy sweet and extremely potent. Small amounts properly administered can do wonders for a wide range of some pretty serious infectious conditions. I like the use of suppositories with this oil for serious upper respiratory conditions where you need to bring out the heavy artillery for. I also like to use this oil culinarily well diluted in a proper medium then utilized for a variety of sweet or savoury dishes. Lovely in winter cocktails! Be careful ~this oil is potent! Less than a drop is usually sufficient.

Cinnamon Leaf essential oil, though not as hot and aggressive as the bark oil, needs to be used with caution due to its hot phenylpropane content which can be skin sensitizing. The eugenol content is higher in the leaf oil than the bark which makes it strongly analgesic but also needs to be used with cautionary due diligence. That being said, Cinnamon Leaf oil is one of the best anti infectious, antiseptic essential oils going. The aroma is warm, sweet and spicy though not as sweet as Cinnamon bark. It shares a similar profile to Clove but it is quite definitely Cinnamon. Great stuff!



Cinnamon Leaf: (Cinnamomum ceylanicum) ~leaves Origin: MAD Method: Steam distilled from certified organic leaves. Properties: Anti bacterial; anti infectious; pain relieving; tonic; stimulating; anti fungal; carminative; aphrodisiac. Primary Constituents: Phenylpropanes (cinnamaldehyde; eugenol).

Blends well with Clove, Holy Basil, Lemon, Orange, Oregano and Thyme Thymol. Caution: Skin irritant. Avoid if pregnant.

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