Cedar Himalayan


“Wood of the Gods”

Himalayan Cedar is a close relative to our beloved Atlas Cedar from Morocco. In fact, It is believed that both the Atlas and Himalayan Cedar trees originated from Cedrus libani, the famous extinct Lebanon Cedar which was prized and worshipped all over the ancient world.

It is worshiped as a divine tree and is the national tree of Pakistan. To please Lord Shiva, the ancient Indian sages and their families used to perform very difficult meditations in the sacred deodara forests.

The inner wood is very aromatic and is used to make incense, aromatic wooden boxes and cabinets and is distilled into essential oil. The aroma of the Himalayan Cedar is rich, amber-sweet and earthy like the Atlas Cedar but with a more fat buttery quality. Both age beautifully and lend themselves nicely to many perfume blends.

Suggestive uses:

  • to promote emotional equilibrium
  • aid in meditation
  • enhance connection to the spirit
  • for its calming and grounding properties
  • as a tonic to help with stress
  •  hair and skin cosmetics
  • help breathing pathways
  • natural insecticide
  • help assist in breaking down and releasing stored fat cells 


Himalayan Cedar: (Cedrus deodara)~wood Origin: N.IND Method: Steam distilled Properties: Insecticidal; anti fungal; mucolytic; circulatory; lipolytic; anti inflammatory. Primary Constituents: Sesquiterpenes (himachalenes and atlantones). Uses: For external use only in moderation. Blends well with Lemon, Orange, Cypress and Pine.

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