Indian night blooming Jasmine, Sandalwood Hearts and Genet

Immersed in an alchemists’ cauldron of mystery

Swimming in a pool of sweet Amber tear drops

Being tried

Pure olfactory witch art!

Eau de parfum


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All Isis Essentials alcohol based perfumes are created and formulated in the old-world alchemical tradition using only the very finest organic and wild crafted essential oils, plant resins, aromatic hydrosols and premium organic grape or grain alcohol. Each limited edition signature perfume we create is mindfully designed in small batches with the individual wearer in mind. We begin by building a rich base character, followed by aromatic nuance that gives the blend a soul, then we add the blends final intrigue with its volatile top notes. Each blend is then allowed to rest for several months in order for the oils to properly marry. The final result is an aromatic symphonic experience that’s as individual and unique as its host.

“The soul receives it’s sustenance from the sense of smell” ~ Tom Robins Jitterbug Perfume

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15ml, 2 ml