Beaux Gest-Pheromone For Him Original Scent


Beaux Gest is enhanced with androstenone (a male pheromone). A pheromone is a set of chemicals that transmits a subtle message via scent to others. Exactly how pheromones work is still a mystery, but thousands of customers have bought these products through the years and they keep coming back for more!

Beaux Gest Pheromone Original For Him has a light musk scent infused with male pheromones that is designed to appeal to the opposite sex. We do find many women who enjoy wearing this scent as well. Non-binary you say? Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Androstenone pheromone, fragrance.

10 ml roll on bottle packaged in a black velvet pouch. Makes a nice gift!

*We suggest a warm bath or shower followed by a touch of Beaux Gest prior to an evening of warm possibilities.