Dark Velvety Opaponox, Creamy Madagascar Vanilla and sultry hints of wild, untamed leather are captured by the cool, earthy Vetivert and finely aged, oak barrel Patchouli. Shimmers of Citrus and Clove highlight Jasmines luscious forbidden fruit, while teasing the winey Green Cognac against Virginia Cedars squeaky terpenes. Hidden in the shadows, lies an intense, odorous Palo Santo from Ecuador flirting with a suave Riviera Rock Rose. A mischievous consortium gathered in a sweet pool of dark amber.

  • ~A captivating aromatic journey…
  • Mysterious Dangerous & Intoxicating

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  • All our perfumes are made by hand in small batches from pure and natural essences and botanicals. They generally will last on your skin for about two hours, sometimes longer depending on the particular formulation. Natural fragrances dry down very palatably and never wear you. • Reapply as desired throughout the day. *Botanical fragrances are greatly influenced by the wearer’s body chemistry making them very gender flexible.
  • Contents: A proprietor blend of artisan distilled essential oils aged and alchemised in certified organic non GMO grape alcohol and certified organic Tunisian Rosewater. *FETICHE Natural Perfume is particularly long lasting on the skin displaying unique aromatic character throughout.  ~Enjoy!
  • Crafted in small batches with plenty of LOVE by Isis Essentials in Nelson, BC.
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3 ml sample, EDP 15 ml