Owyhee essential oil is a relatively new oil to aromatherapy. It has a very high ester content (higher than Roman Chamomile) making it a potent relaxing inhalant and useful for skin care and body care products. The scent is a strong desert sagebrush with dry herbal notes and a distinct fruity peach aroma in the dry out.  According to aromatherapist Jeanne Rose, Owyhee is an excellent economical replacement for the costly, imported Roman Chamomile on account of its high ester content which compares to Roman Chamomile. It may also be used in helping soothe inflamed skin and in relaxing muscle tension.  Use Owyhee sparingly as the oil is strongly aromatic. Just a drop or 2 seems to do the trick.

**Owyhee (aka Silver wormwood) was named such by its first distiller George Sturtz in 2000, who named it after the Owyhee Canyonlands where the herb grows. Owyhee is known as the darkest corner of the United States. **(Aromatic plant project).



Owyhee: (Artemisia ludoviciana) ~herb Origin: USA Method: Steam distilled Properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, relaxing. Primary Constituents: Esters. *Use caution if pregnant.

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15ml, 5ml