Hina Attar


Our special Hina Attar comes to you from a family of traditional essential oil distillers in Kannauj N. India. Kannauj is to India what Grasse is to France. Here perfume-making is a perfected art form that has been an integral part of the culture and heritage of the people of Kannauj for thousands of years.  Attars were considered in some societies to be something that attracted angels and warded off evil spirits. Saints and spiritual aspirants would adorn themselves with these scents to assist them in their journey towards enlightenment.

Hina Attar is produced using a method dating back centuries. The exotic and mysterious Hina (aka shamama) is made by a complicated series of around 75 different  herbs, spices, roots, flowers, and seeds that are layered together then slowly hydro-distilled into Vetiver or Sandalwood oil. This particular Hina Attar uses a rich Vetivert base. Each family produces they’r own special “Hina”. The exact Hina or shamama recipes are a well guarded family secret. Kind of like a Garam Masala of the old perfume world I’m thinking. The finished Attar or “Ittar” as it’s also known as, is ready by “feel” and “smell” which may take weeks or months to perfect. Attar-making is a complex and pain-staking craft that has sadly become more and more of an obsolete, rare art form we may never see the likes again of.





Hina Attar: Vetiver, Cypriol, Clove, Patchouli, Ghandi root, Curry leaf oil, Cinnamon leaf oil, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Saffron, Henna and others. Origin: N.IND Method: Traditional Hydro-diffusion. Uses: Topically used for your aromatic pleasure. May be diluted in preferred base or unguent. Not recommended for diffuser. *Hina Attar is used traditionally in India for its warming qualities on the skin, for strengthening the mind and body, for its rejuvenating and calming  properties and for its aphrodisiacal effects. A lovely perfume for anyone!

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