Voluptuous, heady florals emerge from Jasmine, Ylang-ylang with a hint of Narcissus. Faint, sweet-spicy top notes of Caraway and Mandarin are embraced by  a rich, seductive Vanilla.  Amber shadows are cast off the immutable Labdanum posing to conceal a cool, dark leathery Vetivert flirting with a fine French Lavender absolute. A sexy, alluring fragrance that moves with ease from day into night.

 pure eau de parfum (oil based)

10 ml.


Maîtresse is an oil based perfume made exclusively from 100% natural, mostly organic essential oils, absolutes and resins. The Eau de parfum is bottled in rare Miron violet glass in your choice of a 10 ml. roll-on or spray top bottle. Please specify when ordering which you’d prefer or we will make the decision for you. Enjoy!

Handcrafted in small batches. Limited Edition.