White Frankincense Roll-On


Rare White Frankincense resin tears, ethically harvested and artisan distilled, from the wild wind swept region of Southern Oman. Sometimes called Silver Frankincense, its aroma is sweet and lemony with smooth spicy-balsamic-creamy-vanilla under tones. Useful for respiratory conditions, lowering blood pressure, to help facilitate deep breathing and as an important immune system modulator. Frankincense finds many magical uses cosmetically, medicinally and spiritually. Our noses thinks this heavenly Frankincense makes a lovely natural perfume just pure and simple on its own. We present it here all bottled up in a ready to use convenient roll-top bottle that you can carry with you anywhere to use at anytime. Truly one of the finest Frankincense oils in the world!

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  • White Frankincense (Boswellia sacra)
  • Ethically wild crafted White Frankincense resin tears steam distilled in traditional copper alembic still by artisan distiller in Muscat, Oman.
  • Ready to use pure White Frankincense essential oil procured in organic fractionated coconut oil presented in a 10 ml leak proof glass roll-on that slips easily into a pocket or purse.