Artemis ll


A classic chypre perfume with a twist. Fresh pressed Lime and Bergamot with precociously herbaceous absinthe top notes take you into a dark green forest of Oakmoss, Black Spruce and Cedarwood. Intoxicating Tobacco with a spicy Pimento Leaf and Indian Jasmine are juxtaposed by cool, aloof Vetivert and animalistic Angelica then laden with a drooling rich, sensual Vanilla from Madagascar. A last drop from the ancient “Tears of Chois” Mastic, gives Artemis ll anchoring depth into magical realms steeped in aromatic mystery.



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ISIS BOTANICAL PERFUMES Contents: A proprietor blend of *essential oils & *botanicals procured in *grape alcohol with *aromatic hydrosols. *Certified organic, *non-GMO, *wild-crafted, *sustainable harvest. Handcrafted in small batches.

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15ml, 2 ml