Bulgarian Rosewater


Rosewater hydrosol is a universal healer for women. It may be used as a facial toner or body spray, in a compress or as an elegant, natural perfume. A teaspoon of Rose hydrosol added to “tea” can calm stress and anxiety. Joe Nassr suggests Rosewater hydrosol as an excellent remedy for conditions of the heart. Others recommend Rosewater as a treatment for low libido or as a douche for gynecological cleansing. According to aromatic  hydrosol authority Suzanne Catty, Rose Hydrosol taken internally helps support and balance the endocrine system thus addressing associated hormone imbalances in women.  Rosewater is cooling and refreshing as a body spray, or used culinarily for delicious exotic desserts and aperitifs. A “must” for everybody!



Rose Hydrosol- Rosa Damascena Origin- BUL certified organic. For menopause in combination with naturopathic treatment; combats PMS, cramps, moods; use for dry, mature, sensitive and devitalized skins; good in masks, steams, compresses; highly energetic; promotes emotional balance for male and female energies.

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100ml, 50 mls.