Sweetgrass Hydrosol

‘Sweetgrass is the hair of our Mother; separately, each strand is not as strong as the strands are when braided together’. ~ quote by Mary Ritchie

Also known as Peace grass, Vanilla grass, Manna grass and Holy grass, this rare and special hydrosol is the closest thing to smelling the fresh grass itself. With its dry, sweet scent, Sweetgrass brings us the essence of the Sacred Feminine. She is the Wise Grandmother blessing us with her Love, reminding us that the earth provides everything we need. Sweetgrass Hydrosol is one of the most powerful hydrosols to clear energetic space. Use this hydrosol as you would the traditional sweetgrass braids as a mist. Or add a few drops of essential oil for a uniquely tailored experience.

Suggested Uses:

  • To purifies sacred space allowing prayers to be heard
  • To ground positive energy
  • For energetic protection
  • To deodorize room space
  • For cleaning scrapes and cuts (may help stop bleeding)

60 mls.

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Sweetgrass: (Hierochloe odorata) ~grass Origin: CAN certified organic. Artisan distilled hydrosol. Ethically harvested from cultivated grass. Shelf life: 2+ years. Best kept refrigerated. For external use only.

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60 mls