Ylang-ylang Complete


Ylang-ylang complete is the oil taken from the complete distillation process from beginning to end instead of the typical 4 stages of process where the oil is separated into the Extra grade, then 1st, 2nd & the 3rd. The extra grade is typically the strongest, sweetest and most floral. It goes down in floral intensity from there. To my nose, the Ylang-ylang complete is softer, rounder & gentler than the other varieties. It’s really a matter of taste and preference. I actually prefer the Ylang-ylang complete best, as do many of our clients.

For perfumery although, I typically go for the Extra. That depends of course on what I’m blending it with. The Extra is best with Jasmine or other strong florals. Ylang-ylang extra can be too sickly sweet and over-powering in some blends. For something gently sweet and or relaxing, go for the complete. It’s always a winner. Nice nestled along with a soft Patchouli like our Indonesian Ache or married with Lavender, Bergamot and Clary.



Ylang-ylang complete : (Cananga odorata)~flowers Origin: Madagascar – c/org. Method: Steam distilled Properties: Relaxing; anti depressive; spasmolytic; aphrodisiac.Primary Constituents: Alcohols (linalool) 55% Esters 15% Sesquiterpenes. Blends well with Mandarin Petitgrain, Bergamot, Lavender & Neroli. Uses: Topical, inhalation, perfume.

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