Case studies done by Dr. Barbara Lucks over a 6 year period in the US showed Vitex to have an over-all 80% success rate for women suffering from a variety of hormonal related problems including hot flashes, vaginal wall thinning, irregular menses, menstrual cramping, etc.

There have also been some remarkable studies with Vitex that have come out of *Germany.

V. agnus castus is known to exert remarkable hormone balancing activity on especially the female hormonal system. It balancies the two female gonadal hormones by binding to dopamine receptors (DA1 & DA2), and thereby suppressing hyperprolactinaernia. Beneficial in female complaints related to hormone imbalance. *Translated from German.



Vitex : (Vitex agnus castus)~leaf & berry Origin: Turkey – c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: Hormonal balancing -balances both estrogen and progesterone levels. Primary Constituents: Various Sesquiterpene alcohols, terpene alcohols, terpene hydrocarbons. Blends well with Rose, Clary sage & Geranium. **Uses: Topical & oral. 1-2 drop. per day maximum. Do not exceed recommended dosage. **Vitex is potent natural medicine & may negate birth control pills. Not recommended for those currently taking any HRT. Please consult your doctor or naturopath before considering Vitex or any HRT. 

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15ml, 5ml