Manuka essential oil is a good mood lifter and can help stabilize and balance the nervous system. Manuka has been useful in treating viral cold sores, yeast infections, fungal infections, ringworm and athlete’s foot. It is also proven helpful in acne treatment plus body and foot odour prevention.

This rarity from Australia has been proven through in vitro and in vivo studies to be extremely effective against both herpes A & B viruses especially when used with other oils such as Pine, Sandalwood and Tea Tree prior to an outbreak. I personally have used Manuka neat with great success.

 Manuka in my experience is even more effective when used in conjunction with Kunzea or the New Zealand Kanuka in addressing & combatting all sorts of unwanted pathogens. The two oils have an affinity for each other as they come from the same family and share very similar properties. The say Manuka is the female and Kanuka the male. I like to combine them in equal proportions. Seems to work. I love the full body-odour aroma of the two!

Bees just love Manuka too! Think Manuka honey!!



Manuka: (Leptospermum scoparium) Origin: AUS c/org Method: Steam distilled  Properties: anti viral; anti fungal; anti bacterial; antiseptic Primary Constituents: Monoterpenols Sesquiterpenols (4%) terpinen-4-ol (trace), α-terpineol (trace). nerolidol, viridiflorol, ledol, spathulenol (0.4-0.63%), cubenol (0.86-1.12%) Blends well with Melissa, Tea Tree, Ravensare, Geranium, Pine, Sandalwood and Lemon. Uses: Topical

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