Geranium essential oil is vital to have due to its wide range of anti-microbial and PH balancing abilities, gentleness, and of course her beautiful aroma. Personally, I detest most Geranium oils I have smelled on the market. They make me feel sick to my stomach. This one we’ve carried for years is simply divine! The only one worthy of our shelves I have found. She is an absolute must in any body care regiment. We have found this is the best essential oil for addressing many gynecological issues including candida albicans, UTI’s and herpes. Geranium is one of the few essential oils that is considered to possess adaptogenic abilities by helping the body’s response to resist stress. Whether or not the adaptogenic abilities of herbs is true or false, really is of no matter of importance with our beloved Geranium. She is an aromatic stellar star! In perfumery, she is the natural extender to costly Rose oil.




Geranium: (Pelagornium x Aspernum) ~leaves Origin: EGY– c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: anti-microbial; Anti-fungal; Anti-bacterial; antiviral -PH Balancing; Tonifying. Primary Constituents: alcohols (geraniol, linalool, citronellol) 55% esters (geranyl acetate, citronellyl acetate) 20%. Blends well with Lavender, Clary sage, Palmarosa, Ylang-ylang and Rose.


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15ml, 5ml