Clary Sage


Clary sage is a “must have” in every woman’s’ essential aroma cache. Her euphoric splendour provides a feeling of balance and well-being especially during times of hormonal distress. A couple drops in the bath or rubbed on the temples & wrists will quickly convince you of her nurturing love and insightful wisdom.

We have found Clary a very helpful and effective friend at providing soothing care and relief during birthing labour. Massage her around the perineum and lower back in a good organic base oil such as Pomegranate, Evening Primrose, Moringa or Coconut oil. Blessed be!



Clary Sage : (Salvia sclarea) ~flowers Origin: FR -Non GMO pesticide free. Method: Steam distilled Properties: Anti spasmodic-PMS-Exhaustion-Depression-Hormonal balancing-Cramp relieving-Aphrodesiac. Primary Constituents: Ester acetates 75%.  Blends well with Lavender, Geranium, Bergamot & Ylang-ylang. *Some contraindication with breast cancer and the use of Clary Sage has been speculated in the past, although more recent research has in part debunked these speculative claims. May be estrogen mimicking. Caution is advised if in doubt.

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15ml, 5ml