Tuberose Absolute


Tuberose is probably one of the most sought after oils in perfumery and undoubtedly, one of the most rare and costly. It takes over 3600 pounds of flowers for less than 1 pound of oil! The scent is deep, rich, warm and heady, intensely floral and intoxicating, with soft, powdery, peach leaf undertones. Somewhere between a really good Red Champa, Jasmine Sambac and Rose Maroc. Exquisitely exotic!



Tuberose absolute: (Polianthus tuberosa) ~blossoms Origin: IND Method: Solvent extracted from organically cultivated flowers.*Please note 5 ml bottle we offer here is a ready to use 10% dilution in fractionated coconut oil that can easily be diluted down further if desired or used as is. All else is pure absolute & must be diluted.

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1 ml, 10%, 2 ml