Tarragon with its lovely aniseed flavour and aroma has been long revered for its outstanding anti-spasmodic properties and powerful intestinal effects. It is a natural bactericide against digestive parasites and is a natural anti allergenic. Where Tarragon really excels is in its fast acting effect on the parasympathetic nervous system to help stabilize breathing & the heart rate. In cases of emergency for emotional shock, Tarragon can be simply inhaled straight up. Tarragon has also been proven very useful for women suffering from dysmenorrhea and PMS where it can be diluted into a massage oil or creme and massaged on the lower abdomen. I like it blended with Mandarin, Marjoram and a bit of Peppermint rubbed on the belly for cramps. Nice with Clary, Roman Chamomile and Lavender too! Tarragon is a “must” in every woman’s cabinet and can be an important life saver in many cases.



Tarragon: (Aetemisia dracunculus)~leaf Origin: IND Method: Steam distilled from organically cultivated herb Properties: Anti-spasmodic; neuro-stabilizing; anti histamine; anti inflammative; carminative; bactericidal; aphrodisiac. Primary Constituents: Phenylpropanes (methylchavicol; anethol; coumarines). Blends well with Neroli, Anise, Clary sage, German Chamomile, PeppermintRoman Chamomile and Mandarin. Uses: Dilute at about 1 % topically. Inhalation. Culinary aromatic. Caution: Photo sensitizing.

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