Shea Nut Oil

Shea nut oil is obtainted by fractioning the olein off the butter stearines through a cold filtration method from the seed nuts of the African Karite tree. It retains all of the healing benefits of the butter but is lighter and easier to apply. Excellent for body massage, facial hydration, wrinkles, dry chapped skin, eczema, burns, irritated skin, gardeners hands, deep hair conditioning, pregnant bellies, vaginal dryness and as a natural baby oil. African nations use it as well in cooking. Shea Nut Oil with its high essential fatty acid content and anti-inflammatory properties is non-allergenic & absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling luxuriously soft & smooth. You only need to use a very small amount of this special oil, making it a good economical choice as well. Highly recommended as a protective agent against harsh weather conditions where a mild barrier against the elements is desired. We are totally in LOVE with this product for its versatility and gorgeous silky skin feel. We’re quite certain you’ll be as thrilled as we are!

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Shea Nut Olein: (Vitellaria paradoxa) <(formerly Butyrospermum parkii)> Origin: AFR Method: Cold filtration *Shea Nut Olein is fractionated Shea Nut Butter Properties: anti inflammatory- anti rheumatic- UV protective- emmolient- non-allergenic. Constituents: Fatty Acids 
Oleic- 73.15%
 Palmitic- 4.0%
Linoleic- 13.7%
Alpha-Linolenic- 0.33%
Stearic- 8.5 *Shea oil is semi-solid at room temperature. To liquify, simply pop the bottle into a warm water bath for a couple minutes. Shelf life of 3+ years.

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