Sea Buckthorn Berry Co2 extract


Sea Buckthorn oil contains a high level of essential fatty acids including omega 7 and is super rich in beta-carotene. It is loaded with an abundance of antioxidant properties and possess fantastic free radical scavenging abilities. We began first using Sea buckthorn oil in solar care formulas about 25 years ago (before we actually had a business and sold products) and found that it had an amazing healing effect on the skin. We also added it to our smoothies in those days as well! I then met a local farmer who produced the most incredible oil from his hardy Sea buckthorn shrubs. He explained to me it took at least 5 years before the plants produced any oil at all and once it finally did, it took a heck of a lot of material. “it’s like liquid gold!” he said to me. We’ve been adding it to virtually all our products ever since.  I also like the fact the Sea buckthorn is a very stable, hardy oil that can with stand extreme temperatures and high heat. This particular Sea Buckthorn oil batch is a critical extraction from Europe. Great stuff!



Seabuckthorn Berry: (Hippophae rhamnoides) ~seeds & berries. Origin: BOS Method: Critical extract. Primary Constituents: palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, oeic acid.

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15ml, 30 mls, 50 mls.