Rose Damask Hydrosol


Rose Damask hydrosol from Greece is obtained from steam distillation of the delicate Rose Damascena flowers. This special organic Rose hydrosol is not distilled like other hydrosols. It is distilled with the sole purpose of producing the best possible organic rose floral water. Unlike most Rose water distillations that are a by-product of producing rose oil, this lovely Rose water is solely produced for its water as the end result, thus making it much more concentrated and fragrantly beautiful.


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  • Rose Damask: (Rosa damascena)~ flowers Origin: Greece Method: Steam distilled from organically cultivated Roses.
  • Suggested uses:
  • In the kitchen, it goes wonderfully into the preparation of Indian desserts, fruit compotes and ice cream. It delicately enhances sparkling water, special mocktails and champagne.
  • Rose water may be used in a plethora of helpful applications including skin care, perfume, to help relieve emotional blockages and in cases of dysmenorrhea.
  • 100% pure organic Rosewater. No preservatives. Very stable good shelf life 2+ yrs.
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120 mls, 30 mls