Organic Melissa Hydrosol


Melissa aromatic hydrosol is one of my favourite hydrosols. She’s fresh, lemony, slightly floral and deliciously refreshing inside and out! Because of the very low essential oil yield and thus costly expense of the oil, many distillers will distill Melissa or Lemon Balm strictly for the marvellous healing water she provides. Melissa is soothing without being sedating, a wonderful digestive, skin clarifier, calming to the nervous system, indispensable for herpes outbreaks and a good prophylactic during cold & flu season. Melissa is delicious in beverages warm or cold and is an excellent accompiment for fruit salads, veggies and fish. So many great uses for our beloved Melissa A.H. from baby care to grandmas kitchen witchery and everything in between!


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Melissa A.H.: (Melissa officinalis citralifera) Origin: GRE *certified organic aromatic hydrosol. Properties: Soothing; antioxidant; anti inflammatory; anti viral; digestive; immunostimulant; calming. Very stable shelf life of 2+ yrs & longer properly stored. *For ADHD symptoms in children, Suzanne Catty recommends 30 mls (1oz) of Melissa A.H. in 1 litre of water sipped throughout the day. For adults, double the quantity to 60 mls.

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100ml, 50 mls.