Frankincense Papyrifera Hydrosol



An intense oil and resin infused Frankincense hydrosol from the lesser known Ethiopian Boswellia papyifera tree resin that is also referred to as Sudanese Frankincense. If you love Frankincense, you’ll absolutely love this hydrosol! Energetically this hydrosol is particularly conducive for any kind of energy healing work. It makes the perfect companion as a space shifting spray in rooms for meditation, prayer and spiritual ritual. The Boswellia papyifera is believed by authorities to be the Frankincense most widely used in antiquity. It is where most of the esteemed white Frankincense resin came from, yet it is the more uncommon Frankincense seen today, due primarily to a long history of intensive over-tapping for economic purposes and to grazing, which has depleted their resource. This Frankincense papyifera comes from a regulated, sustainable source. It has a unique chemical profile unlike any other Frankincense in that it contains an abundance of the octyl acetate ester. Octyl acetate is a compound found in many citrus’s like orange, lemon and grapefruit. The oil to my nose has a kind of fatty/fruit lemony/pine resinous aroma. The scent and feel of this hydrosol infusion is particularly deep and “other worldly” yet up-lifting and calming. I personally love it blended with Rose and Helichrysum or Neroli hydrosol as a facial toner. It does wonders at improving the texture of the skin making it feel smooth and vibrant. I also like using this Frankincense hydrosol in alcohol based natural perfumes when cutting the alcohol. It smooths everything right out and gives it more depth. Extraordinary!


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Frankincense (Boswellia papyifera) ~resin Origin: ETH Method: Proprietary oil and resin infused aromatic hydrosol. Properties: Cell-regenerating; expectorant; immunomodulant; calming; anti depressive.

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