Organic Roman Chamomile Hydrosol


Roman Chamomile A.H. (aromatic hydrosol) is the #1 hydrosol of choice for baby care as it reduces teething pain & inflammation, calms diarrhea and promotes restful sleep for your baby safely and gently. Roman Chamomile may also be used as an eyewash or compress for conjunctivitis as it is one of the few hydrosols that is non-irritating for the eyes. It calms sensitive skin, is helpful for burns, sunburns and rosacea. Roman Chamomile A.H. is an excellent wash for jock itch and douche for non-infectious inflammation. Soothing both internally & externally, Roman Chamomile A.H. is truly a household family must!


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CHAMOMILE ROMAN A.H. : (Chamaemelum nobile) 100% *certified organic aromatic hydrosol ~FR.

Excellent shelf life of 18 mo – 2+ years properly stored. Keep cool and away from contaminants.

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100ml, 50 mls.