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Recipe: Macrobiotic French Onion Soup w/ Ginger

  A simple & delicious recipe for macrobiotic French onion soup that I learned while studying shiatsu many years ago. This recipe incorporates the healthy properties of fresh Ginger essential oil to give it even more zest.

  • -4 onions (use organic if you can)
  • -2 large fresh shiitake mushrooms
  • -1 tsp wakame
  • -1 TBLS dark sesame oil
  • -1 TBLS miso paste (your choice)
  • dash of tamarii
  • small fresh Ginger root
  • -6 drops Ginger Culinary Delight
  • -1 slice sourdough bread (traditional)

*Serves 2 healthy sized portions Slowly cook onions in a little sesame oil until translucent & sweet. Cover with water, add wakame and simmer for 30 min. While cooking, sauté sliced shiitake in sesame until golden brown. I like to add a few drops of Bragg or tamari on them while they’re cooking for extra flavour. Take your miso paste and add some broth in a bowl. Stir it up to make a thin paste and set aside. Fry sliced bread slice in a bit of oil & set aside just before serving. Add your miso paste and shiitake. Turn heat way down and allow to simmer a few minutes. Grate the fresh ginger and squeeze juice into soup. Cut bread in half. Fill bowls with soup and add 3 drops of Ginger Culinary Delight to each bowl. Place bread on top and serve. All my friends & family love this recipe. !t’s quick, easy, nutritious and super delicious! ~Enjoy.

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