Rockrose (Cistus)


Rockrose is an important essential oil in aroma-medicine for its ability to stop bleeding, for lymphatic drainage, to help shrink fibroids and for its ability at relieving many auto-immune disorder symptoms. It also is widely used as a key ingredient in after-shaves and anti aging formulas for its tightening and anti inflammatory properties.  Rockrose is a very complex essential oil whose fragrance is intense, tenacious and exalting. The scent is sweet-dry and herbacious with a spicy-animalistic amber like aroma that is outstanding in perfumery. This Rockrose specimen from the Mediterranean is the very highest quality standard there is. Stunning!



Rock Rose: (Cistus ladaniferus) ~leaves & flowers Origin: SPA Method: Steam distilled cert/org. Properties: antiviral, antibacterial, immune supporting, anti-hemorrhagic Primary Constituents: Terpenes; very complex. Blends well with Helichrysum, Cypress, Myrrh, Frankincense and Bay Laurel. Avoid if pregnant.

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10%, 15ml, 5ml