Nootka Tree Oil

Introducing Nootka Tree Oil – a new oil from the Canadian PNW where I grew up. Nootka Tree Oil is also known as Alaska Cypress or Yellow Cedar wood oil that is sustainably sourced and carefully steam distilled in the Canadian Northwest from Cupressus nootkatensis – a majestic conifer that grows in British Columbia and Alaska. The tree is of great importance to the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest who use it for many of their carvings. In fact, it’s from the Nootka Tribe that the Nootka Tree gets its name. 

The oil provides a long lasting warm rich woody note with a bit of smoky leather and a pleasant green citrusy aroma. Nootka Tree Oil is a truly unique and captivating aroma that reminds me of home. A wonderful new essential oil addition for the perfumer and aromatherapist. Blends well with Patchouli, Vetivert, Fir & Grapefruit. Very aromatic! Use moderation.

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Nootka Tree Oil: (Cupressus nootkatensis)~heartwood Origin: CAN non GMO ethical w/c Method: Steam distilled Properties: Circulatory; mucolytic; insecticidal. Constituents: Valencene 15% Nootkatone 2% Nootkatene 57% Carvacrol 6%. Blends well with Rose Geranium, Patchouli & Peppermint. Uses: Topical *Recent studies have concurred Nootka Tree Oil may be one of the most effective natural agents available for repelling ticks.

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