Midnight Warrior


If you loved our past blends of Midnight Warrior, you’re in for a special treat. I added more Frankincense oil to the mix including our best Frankincense White and Sacra oils, along with the healing properties of Myrrh for balance. It feels right at this time. Our lovely precious Moroccan Chamomile renders the blend a deep, indigo blue colour like the midnight sky. Midnight Warriors’ aroma is fresh and calming with sweet-earth-wood notes and deliciously balsamic undertones. This blend is grounding, soothing, balancing and protective. A truly majestic blend fit for any spiritual warrior.



100% pure essential oil blend Including Blue Spruce, Frankincense, Myrrh co2, Siberian Fir, Red Myrtle, Cypress, Rosewood and Moroccan Chamomile. Properties: -grounding; immune system modulator; helps facilitates deep breathing; energizing, protective and calming. Uses: Topical and inhalation. Dilute before use.

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15ml, 5ml