Hemlock Spruce


Mother Of The Forest

Eastern Hemlock is one of my absolute favourite conifer essential oils from Canada. This majestic beauty is a slow growing, long living evergreen that matures very slowly and can grow to a ripened old age some hundreds of years over time. The scent is sweet, fresh, citrusy, balsamic and bright. Stunning to my nose! Hemlock Spruce is a reputed nerve and respiratory tonic that helps promote soothing relaxation to mitigate muscle aches and pains, relieve tension and to help clear and oxygenate the lungs. The oil has some promising history of been used in hospice during transitional periods allowing one to “let go”, helping dispel fear and anxiety. Eastern Hemlock harmonizes the body centres to align energetically keeping one grounded, clear and attuned. Though of course Hemlock Spruce may be blended with other oils beautifully, I personally enjoy using this lovely conifer oil as is on its own. But that’s just me….enjoy!


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Eastern Hemlock: (Tsuga canadensis)~ needles & twigs Origin: CAN Method: Steam distilled from certified organic Eastern Canadian harvest. Properties: Anti viral; anti-microbial; oxygenating; decongesting; soothing; de-stressing; pain relieving; harmonizing; energetic; clearing. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes (a-pinene; camphene; limonene) ; Terpenes Esters (bornyl acetate). Blends well with citrus and other confer essential oils.

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