Douglas Fir


Douglas is a specialty “Fir”. In fact, he’s not a Fir at all!  He’s actually a Pseudotsuga, a kind of pine with a gorgeous soft, sweet, ‘fruity’ aroma. His fragrance is reminiscent of winter pears to my nose. Doug loves cozying up with citrus oils (he especially loves Tangerine and Mandarin) and other soft useful confers like Siberian Fir or White Pine. A wonderful essential oil for the diffuser that’s particularly good for respiratory infections and children. Addictively Delightful!



Douglas Fir : (Pseudotsuga menzeseii)~needles Origin: CRO –wild Method: Steam distilled Properties: Antiviral; Expectorant; Antiseptic; Relaxing. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes 80% Alcohols 10% Esters 6% Aldehydes & Oxides. Blends well with citrus oils and other conifers.






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15ml, 5ml