Wild American Shilajit


A potent and pure high concentration tonic. This powerful adaptogen was created to help you find true balance amidst the chaos of our world.

Helps Support:


  • Antioxidant activity in the body
  • Memory
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Energy
  • Natural diuretic to remove excess fluid
  • Immune support
  • Sexual Tonic

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  • 100% Organic, non-GMO, Vegan, Cultivated and harvested in North America, sustainably sourced
  • How To Use: Take 200 mg  1 – 2 times a day. Use ONLY room temperature non-chlorinated, filtered water with Shilajit and stay well-hydrated (chlorine reacts with Fulvic Acid, the active ingredient in Shilajit).
  • Consume Shilajit before/ between meals for greater absorption. Mix with any herbal tea to potentiate the herbs & increase their bioavailability.
  • How to Store: Clean any Shilajit from the rim of container before resealing tightly. Store in a cool, dry place. If lid is difficult to open, clean exterior with a warm, wet towel until lid loosens.
  • By Champion Plants