Neem seed co2 extract


Neem CO2 is far better than ordinary cold pressed Neem seed. More of the natural components of the bio-mass are extracted so the CO2 is a better representation of the plant. In terms of therapeutic properties, the CO2 is a better value. Neem Seed CO2 is not an attractive aroma though, it has a natural aroma with some notes associated with onion, garlic and cumin. These are naturally occurring sulfur containing compounds that contribute to the therapeutic benefit of the material. Some vendors sell clarified Neem seed oil that has a more pleasant aroma but it is unclear what impact the clarification process has on the healing properties. Though the Neem C02 is more expensive than regular Neem, it is definitely worth the extra cost!



Neem Seed: (Azadirachta indica)~seeds  Origin: IND Method: CO2 extraction Uses: Neem has been used for centuries for countless amounts of therapies and preventions too vast and various to count here. It is antimicrobial, anti parasitic, insecticidal, antifungal and is reported by some authorities to be an effective natural birth control, among many other things.

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100ml, 30 mls