Tulsi co2


The “Mother Medicine of Nature”

Revered as an “elixir of life”, Tulsi stands unsurpassed as a tonic for the body, mind and spirit within the ancient Ayurveda system and Hindu practise for over a thousand years. Modern medicine now has evidenced backed research to support its invaluable broad spectrum activity at addressing many human conditions from the physical to psychological. in fact, hundreds of tests have been done in vivo and in vitro with some truly spectacular findings. Hail Tulsi! Beloved Goddess!

If you love our Holy Basil essential oil, you’re going to absolutely adore this special spicy, herbal co2 extract. Think Holy Basil on steroids. When I first received a sample of this beautiful specimen awhile back, I practically went through the roof smelling it! I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I would dream about it in fact. Finally, I broke down and had to buy some. So, here be the Goddess Tulsi in all her fragrant Glory. A word of caution, this co2 extract contains a very high eugenol content similar to Clove oil and should be treated with utmost respect. Less than 1% for dermal applications I believe Tisserand/Young suggests. Use your practical wisdom but be creative and enjoy her spicy aromatic splendour!



Tulsi <aka Holy Basil>: (Ocimum sanctum)~ herb Origin: IND Method: Carbon dioxide extraction from organically cultivated herb. Properties: Anti microbial; antiviral; antifungal; antiprotozoal; hepato-protective; anti-oxidant; analgesic; immunomodulatory; anti-spasmodic; expectorant; etc. Primary Constituents: Eugenol; Methyl eugenol; 1,8-cineole; b-bisabolene. *Contraindicated with anticoagulant medications. May inhibit blood clotting. Dermal application suggests usage at less than 1% due to high eugenol content. Blends well with Rose, Spearmint and Litsea Cubeba.

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15ml, 5ml